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Let us transfer your video tapes to high-quality DVDs and AVIs.
It will make them last for a lifetime.




We can work with you, edit your videos and create a personalized DVD.

We can work with you, edit your videos and create a personalized DVD or Video CD. Video editing is both an artistic and technical process in which a collection of video material is compiled and altered from its original form to create a personalized version.
The artistic process of video editing consists of deciding what parts of the video need to be retained, deleted, or combined from various sources so that they come together in an organized, logical, and visually pleasing manner.

The technical process of video editing consists of copying the selected scenes, frames and photos onto a DVD for final viewing or distribution.

For frame by frame editing and conversion to DVD format we use a computer-based video editing system. Only this system allows 100% compression without loss of quality. This process is longer than real video time, but it is the best way to save your video for you and your children and improve quality.

Our services include video transfers to digital format, editing of videos, photo slideshows, interactive menus, buttons and scene selections. Additional audio tracks may also be laid.
We always welcome new and unique projects.

You may already have some memories on video and would like them upgraded to DVD or professionally edited with music and titles. Preserve your memories on DVD. Edit your family home videos - it makes a priceless gift!

If you would like an easier way to view your family photos, we can create a slideshow for you on CD, DVD or VHS.

Let us help you create and preserve your priceless memories here at
Home Video
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We can transfer your videos to DVDs and AVI's(Harddrive) from all types of tapes: Digital 8,Hi 8, 8mm, MiniDV, VHS VHS-C and Beta. We can also add photos and sound to the same disc.
Collect all your family videos, movies and photos.
Make an unforgettable gift for your parents and friends with a proper picture and title.


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