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Frequently Asked Questions - HomeVideo Transfer Service

Q: Can I transfer Copyrighted material?
A: Digital transfer services are available for home videotapes, movies, 35mm slides, 35mm negative or prints made by the customer. If the customer does not own the copyright, it is illegal to make copies and the orders will be cancelled.

Q: Can the DVD made from slides, digital flash memory cards or prints be viewed on a PC? Can prints be made from it?
A: Yes. A DVD created from slides, digital flash memory card  or prints comes with a DVD slide show that can be viewed on a DVD player, and includes archive-quality high resolution JPEGs that can be viewed and printed on a PC.

Q: How long do DVDs last compared to Videotapes?
A: The DVD-video format has a minimum life expectancy of at least 100 years. Unlike videotapes, DVDs are not recorded as a magnetic medium but rather by using a tiny laser, burning microscopic pits onto a recording surface that lies underneath a protective clear coating. Most videotapes of any format will not be playable 20 years after first being recorded. The earlier your Home Videotapes get transferred to DVD, the better the quality of original video images and sound are likely to be.
A videotape wears out every time it is played. A DVD can be played over and over without being worn out. A 100-year-old DVD-Video will play as well as a newly recorded DVD. Every time a copy of a videotape is made, it will lose quality. Copying a non-copyright protected DVD will result in a perfect copy, the same as the original.

Q: What is the Resolution and Quality of these Home Video to DVD Transfers?
A: We transfer video to DVD in high quality MPEG2 format. (software conversion of a video into DVD format with 100% quality) The video signal remains at a full 720 X 576 pixels and 25 frames per second. No frames are dropped during DVD recording. For TV viewing the DVDs will play as high as 525 lines of resolution, 60 fields/sec, depending upon the TV system used for playback. The picture quality of the original home videotape, meaning the picture lines and colours are generally improved during transfer to DVD.

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We can transfer your videos to DVDs and AVI's(Harddrive) from all types of tapes: Digital 8,Hi 8, 8mm, MiniDV, VHS VHS-C and Beta. We can also add photos and sound to the same disc.
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