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As you are reading this
your treasured family video tapes are slowly


Let us transfer your video tapes to high-quality DVDs.
It will make them last for a lifetime.




The best gift you can give yourself,
your family and friends.

The finished product is both a precious possession and a great gift.
If you want to give video as a gift, we can make an original and as many duplicates as you need. So if you want to combine certain scenes from your videos, add photos and titles to make a special DVD disk for your unique present, it is possible at "Home Video".  Using the latest computer software we can do it for you and add zooms and music to your picture sequence before transferring it to a DVD for replay on your television or computer. We can also design a cover for a disc or box using pictures of your choice. If you want to try art design yourself , we can help you with this too.

By giving unique video, you will show how much you value your Friends, Children, Parents or Grandparents. 

Don't forget - the best gift for anyone is the loving one
made by yourself.

A video gift is the best present for your
Friends, Children, Parents or Grandparents

 Let us help you to put together an unforgettable present and save it forever
here at

Home Video
To contact us for more details,
please call 021 0226 9922
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We can transfer your videos to DVDs and AVI's(Harddrive) from all types of tapes: Digital 8,Hi 8, 8mm, MiniDV, VHS VHS-C and Beta. We can also add photos and sound to the same disc.
Collect all your family videos, movies and photos.
Make an unforgettable gift for your parents and friends with a proper picture and title.


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