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* 4000 dpi resolution (65 meg file from 35mm negative!)
* 14 bits per channel

Highest Resolution In Its Class

Detail is everything; and the FS4000US ensures each image looks its best. With 4000 dpi optical resolution, you won't find any other scanner in this class that exceeds it. More resolution means more details show, important whether you're transferring images to your monitor or printing them as high-quality photo enlargements.

High Quality Colour Reproduction

The FS4000US is at the head of its class-in colour reproduction, too. This scanner's colour is unusually clean because it's designed and built to accuracy standards higher than other conventional scanners. A high-brilliance cold cathode mercury fluorescent lamp, newly designed circuitry and 42 bit scanning works together to give you cleaner, smoother colour gradients and improved highlight and shadow details. Precious details are free of defects like smearing and noise.

Eliminates Dust And Flaws Automatically

Only Canon could develop its own technology, FARE (Film Automatic Retouching and Enhancement), to improve image quality during scanning. It's better than software only solutions because it uses both hardware and software to detect and remove imperfections like dust and scratches- and it does this at the time of the scanning. FARE saves you hours of work retouching.*

*FARE does not recognize Black and White or Kodachrome film.

Comprehensive Software Package Included

You have the freedom to control the scanner as much as you need. Adjust brightness, threshold values and contrast to your liking with FilmGet FS. Carefully manage your colours with ColourGear in Windows and ColorSync in Mac for a better match between your printer and monitor. And with PhotoShop LE, edit the images even further.

Autofocus Or Manual

Your choice. The new optical system in the FS4000 detects and focuses on uneven film distances automatically to provide the sharpest scan possible. For those times when an unusually damaged original requires more flexibility, you can adjust the focus manually using the FilmGet FS software included.

Speedy Continuous Batch Scanning

No matter what type of film format gets loaded, the FS4000 voraciously feeds and scans with speed and quality. Consecutively scanning up to six frames of 35 mm filmstrip, 40 frames of an APS cartridge or four mounted 35 mm (or APS) slides, this scanner makes short work of even big film archives. While scanning each batch, you can even preview shots from the Preview window displays.

Automatic Film-Type Detection

You'll never have to worry about losing more and more time while you repeatedly reset the scanner to accept mixed film types. When you batch load into the scanner, the FS4000 recognizes 35 mm filmstrip or mounted slide, negative or positive APS film. Each image in your batch scan previews a thumbnail on-screen, too.

Simple And Convenient Dual Interface

The FS4000 has just two easy interfaces -- one for direct connection (USB), the other for high-speed data transfer (SCSI-2), Mac or Windows, even Plug and Play. The Canoscan Setup Application makes it easy to install all the software provided. What could be simpler? 

We can transfer your videos to DVDs and AVI's(Harddrive) from all types of tapes: Digital 8,Hi 8, 8mm, MiniDV, VHS VHS-C and Beta. We can also add photos and sound to the same disc.
Collect all your family videos, movies and photos.
Make an unforgettable gift for your parents and friends with a proper picture and title.


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